Zipline, Tubing, Kayaking, Paddling, Caving, Hiking, Rappelling, Custom and Private Adventures in Puerto Rico

At Acampa, we offer unique tours that emphasize on recreation, education and preservation of our beautiful Island. You will have the opportunity to see and learn about Puerto Rico's natural flora and fauna, history and culture.




We provide coordination of special events including, hiking tours, camping, rappelling, caving, bush walking, canoeing, waterfalls and rivers. Let us know and we will be happy to co-ordinate a special adventure based on your group needs.

Dates Available
Monday through Friday

Price $143.00X(11.5%tax)=$159PP
(Saturdays - for full groups 8-12pp)

***[Min age 14 year old]***
Max weight 230lbs(104kg)
Max waist size 38'
Size Groups: 6pp-11pp

you can not participate if:
suffer cardiac condition
respiratory ailment
weak legs
epileptic seizures
under influence of drugs/alcohol

Adventure Includes:
* 4 fun & fast ZIPLINES
*Second Highest Mountain
*Jump in the Water-Hole!!
*Natural Spring Pools
(San Juan and Isla Verde zone)

Private Pristine Reserve
Excellent Personalized Service

Duration: Full-Day Adventure
session (7am-6:00pm)

*for private tours:8pp minimum
-high season: December-July

What to Bring: Snacks,Day pack, water, camera, close-toed sport sandals or sneakers with good traction, comfortable hiking clothes (quick-dry) - (a bathing suit underneath is not a bad idea), rain jacket, a towel and change of dry clothes to leave in the van.


"The most complete nature adventure in Puerto Rico"

Experience the thrill of a visit to the rooftop of Puerto Rico, a private land of lush green vegetation, steep hillsides, and cascading waterfalls. Located at the second highest mountain in the Cordillera Central, the Toro Negro Rainforest is Puerto Rico’s highest rainforest reserve. Much less visited and about 1,000 feet higher than El Yunque rainforest. Toro Negro offers a more intimate rainforest and cultural experience with amazing views of its mountains and landscapes and the real country side community of 275 years of coffee growing traditions.

To reach Toro Negro from the Metro Area requires about 90 minutes; we drive south through the city of Caguas and up the mountains of Cayey , down to the coastal plains of the Caribbean coast to the town of Juana Díaz(the town of the Reyes Magos), where we then drive north and up the Central Cordillera through and incredible scenic mountain road to the Barrio Toro Negro of Ciales… our destination!

The adventure takes place at a private land inside one of the segments of the National Forest. Acampa is the one and only company that operates in the Toro Negro region. It begins as we hike down through a coffee plantation down into the canyon and enter Quebrada Rosa, a tributary of the Toro Negro River. The Quebrada Rosa is a clear, pristine and unspoiled rainforest creek. Our adventure takes us upstream, through a series of waterfalls and rock climbs, boulders and pools.

Expect to get completely wet on this adventure!! The river trek is a real challenging and fun experience as we scramble over boulders, along the water’s edge, across pools, and up the current. We will gear up with harness, ropes and helmet to climb up a higher waterfall (WATERFALL ROCK CLIMBING) to a secret pool above.

After your climb up out of the canyon we will hike steep up in the mountain for about 25 minutes and 500 feet of elevation, reaching the 3000ft above sea level mark.

During this hike to the top, we just open a new section where we will descend a rock wall with single ropes into a "Jolla" or ravine inside the Sierra Palm Forest, so we can finish our ascend by free climbimg up multiple sections of the "jolla" by using rocks, roots and tree trunks to get to the next element.

During the hike up through a single steep trail you will learn about endemic and native trees, medicinal plants, toxic trees, wild orchids, survival tips and much more.

But what better way to experience the rainforest than by zip-lining through it! We will make our way back to camp by a combination of short hikes and a series of zip-lines which cross above waterfalls and canyons. You will have the opportunity to experience 4 FAST PANORAMIC ZIPLINES. The zip lines are located high above waterfalls, crossing mountains, under the canopy and in the open valley , so the rides are both thrilling and stunning.

We upgrade this adventure and add a new element to your experience. You will rappel (RAPPELLING) 100ft down next to a waterfall inside a canyon into a hidden paradise . This new 100ft rappel is a real challenge to any participant. The level of exposure is high and pumps you up.

After all this multiple experiences we will enjoy to finish the day a late authentic lunch under a roof in the open with a panoramic view of the central mountains. This meal will be prepared by a local family and will consist of typical authentic puertorican mountain dishes. Lunch with Acampa is always served buffet-style, so you can serve yourself as much or as little as you want.

As an added treat, on this tour you will experience the delight of traditional Puerto Rican crops such as coffee, bananas, passion fruits, various citrus fruits and other native tropical fruits harvested right from the trees on the cultivated area of this land. Remember though that most fruits are seasonal so not all these fruits will be available on any given date.

The description above depicts an average day on the Toro Negro Rainforest Adventure. Exact itineraries of Nature Adventures are always subject to change without notice based on guides’ judgment.

This adventure requires a “moderate-difficult” level of fitness. You can expect to hike over sustained hills, wade through moving water, hike on slippery and uneven muddy terrain, scramble and climb over wet rocks, and travel along steep ledges. Due to size restrictions on our harnesses and other vertical equipment, we are not able to accommodate people weighing over 230lbs and or bigger than 38 inch of waist on climbing and zip-lining elements of our tours.